Invited talks

Here is a list of talks that I have given in the past:

  • 2018 Mar. AMS special session at Ohio State University, The Aleksandrov problem and its recent development.
  • 2017 Dec. St. John’s University, Minkowski problems and Monge-Ampère type equations.
  • 2017 Sept. CUNY Graduate Center, Geometric Analysis Seminar: Minkowski-type problems in convex geometry.
  • 2017 Feb. Case Western Reserve University, Analysis & Probability Seminar: On the dual Minkowski problem.
  • 2017 Feb. Kent State University, Measure Theory Seminar: The dual Minkowski problem and its solution.
  • 2015 Sep. Oaxaca, Mexico (CMO workshop): On $L_p$-affine surface area and curvature measures. video