I primarily work in the field of convex geometric analysis. I am particularly interested in the Minkowski-type problems for geometric measures obtained by “differentiating” geometric invariants. These problems generate Monge-Ampère equations on the unit sphere and can be tackled from a PDE point of view (e.g., geometric flow).

I am also interested in isoperimetric inequalities (both affine and non-affine, geometric and functional).

This page contains a list of peer-reviewed papers and preprints. It is updated periodically. You can also find my articles on my Google Scholar profile, or on MathSciNet (subscription required).


  • (with C. Chen and Y. Huang) Smooth solutions to the $L_p$ dual Minkowski problem. Math. Ann. in press. pdf
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  • Existence of solutions to the even dual Minkowski problem. J. Differential Geom. 110 (3): 543–572, 2018.
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  • On $L_p$-affine surface area and curvature measures. Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, (5): 1387-1423, 2016. arXiv


  • The $L_p$ Aleksandrov problem for origin-symmetric polytopes. arXiv
  • (with K. Böröczky, E. Lutwak, D. Yang, and G. Zhang) The dual Minkowski problem for symmetric convex bodies. arXiv
  • (with K. Böröczky, E. Lutwak, D. Yang, and G. Zhang) The Gauss image problem. submitted.
  • (with D. Xi) Orlicz moment rearrangment inequality. submitted.